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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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one hundred years old. and join our photo competition. meant impacts your world for a chance to win one of three. instagram tag and post your pics using trash to our house one hundred so you know. my goal terms and conditions at a documentary on instagram. that the. wall street looks back on a very mixed first month of the year to january it isn't saying goodbye without facebook earnings bringing cheer to investors despite fresh waits of scoundrels. if you've got damn. we'll take you to the world's glittering e-sports capital.
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also on the show pleasures as we approach the chinese year of the pig. welcome to your business update i'm joined in berlin thanks for joining us the world's largest social network has gotten even bigger facebook says it's recorded a nine percent increase in users last year growing user base has led to record profits as digital advertisers continue to flock to the network but it's not all good news a facebook branded research is getting the boot from the apple store paid teenagers to facebook monitor or use a child gets without clearly stating what information was gathered now facebook has faced backlash over the program which both industry observers and american politicians said was tantamount to wiretapping. looking up from his facebook page now to join us is our financial correspondent yens court of yes it's good to see you now a healthy surge in facebook shares there on wall street despite privacy issues
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continuing to damage facebook's reputation or is that not what's happening well there was really interesting to see for the past couple of months that besides all the scandals on controversies facebook had a record quarter and neither did the users shy away nor the advertising clients and to wall street reacted in a very positive fashion the stock was up by almost eleven percent here in the thursday as session after micio mark zuckerberg past summer hinted that to actually deal with all those issues with cambridge and a new ticker and other scandals and he mentioned that it might become costly to change some of the company's doings but obviously that heads so far no impact at all at the profit stream of facebook facebook staying strong there now it's also
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the last trading day of what's been a very eventful month on the markets so yeah what stood out for you. well it was quite amazing to see what's happened in the past couple of weeks and just remember especially in early december when stocks tanked and then fed chairman jerome powell hinted that the federal reserve might be done at least for now to increase interest rates and that really started the rally that we saw in a generator for the s. and p. five hundred it has been the best generally since ninety in hades seven so really quite a performance but we also in the past couple of days and weeks had some earnings reports so they were not all picture perfect but wall street only knew one but button and that was the buy and not the sell button younes quarter there on wall street for us thanks for your analysis just a month remaining until
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a temporary trade truce between the u.s. and china expires potentially triggering additional u.s. import duties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods the last two days saw top officials from both governments working overtime to secure a deal before that happens u.s. president donald trump has said no final accord will be signed until he meets with his chinese counterpart xi jinping so far it doesn't appear as if either side has blinked. the world's two largest economies are battling for future dominance in critical high tech industries according to robert light hisor the lead u.s. negotiator in beijing's corner chinese vice premier you hate the smiles hide the fact that beijing is fuming over washington's prosecution of chinese telecoms giant while away but president trump clearly believes he hold the aces and is willing to
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play a waiting game we're going to go into everything you probably saw this morning say we're going into everything this is. going to be a very big deal or it's going to be a deal that will just postpone for a little while but earlier trump had tweeted his negotiating position looking for china to open the americans not only to financial services which they are now doing but also to our manufacturing farmers and other u.s. businesses and industries without this deal would be unacceptable beijing strategic plan aims to make the nation the global leader in aerospace robotics artificial intelligence and new generation sectors the u.s. officials say the crown jewels of american technology and innovation the u.s. is attacking chinese trade practices they call unfair including the forced transfer of american technology by a man to treat joint ventures with local firms. germany france and britain have
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announced the creation of in stocks that's a payment channel that will allow european companies to make legitimate financial transactions with iran at a time where it's affected by u.s. sanctions instax is short for instrument on support of trade and exchanges it will facilitate trade between the e.u. when he ran as ordinary banks with brick would risk penalties due to sanctions first food medicine and medical products from europe will be exchanged through instax this will let europe both circumvent the sanctions and uphold the nuclear treaty that iran other in member states will be able to join the alliance analysts however predict potential for conflict with washington. and south korea the gaming industry is seeing an unprecedented broadway's especially in east parts that's competitive computer gaming the east asian economic tiger is a global leader the latest trend is well while e-sports professional gaming on
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smartphones or correspondent fog and went over there to need some game changers. when south korea's best computer players compete it's more than just a simple game legal for legends the game of choice mixes strategy and role play a benz designed perfect for e-sports on a sunday afternoon four hundred fans flocked to the league of legends sports arena in central seoul to watch rivals s.k. telecom versus tom one gaming tourch one my favorite team plays today plus it's my winter vacation i really couldn't wait to get here with my friends but i think i spend around one hundred dollars a month on each sport tickets and fan merchandise. twenty two year old york or faker is considered the greatest player of all time experts estimate his yearly income to be three to four million dollars making him the highest paid athlete in south korea teammate it came to mean explains the effort. volved. i usually
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spend around twelve hours training i started my career when i was very young other than that it's important to have a strong mindset and willingness to succeed as an export player game developer write games plans to invest one hundred million dollars over the next decade. among the younger generation in korea eastport is this popular as traditional sports such as football or baseball or even for regular league match our stadium was filled to the very last seat the korean e-sports in the street also has its eye on the burgeoning mobile gaming market thanks to state investments and a strong passion for gaming south korea established itself as a mecca for sports with big markets emerging such as china it remains to be seen whether korea can keep its dominant position the growth of mobile gaming however office new opportunities for the industry finnish game developers critical force have created a first person shooter game designed specifically for mobile sports in two thousand
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and sixteen they received a four million dollar investment by a korean game creator and set up a branch office in seoul they're still like only rare cases where example european companies have been able to conquer asia from europe you have to be here where all the action happens fifty seven million people have done a lot of their game it attracts one million active users every day to finish developers expect the mobile market will soon dominate the industry. just a few days until the chinese calendar rings in the year of the pig supposedly a year of good fortune satisfaction and well now ahead of the celebrations all calls restaurants are very busy with preparations you can probably guess what's on the menu. here they hang ready to be roasted this restaurant in hong kong offers the only suckling pig to be roasted in underground grills. the veteran chef fires up the ovens every morning. the pork it's cooked at three hundred sixty
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degrees celsius. so we know the last roaster is to roast pigs and when fired underground barbecue pits are roast pig skin comes out crispy with a deep labored the meat has a hint of smoky taste which you can't experience anywhere else. once the meat is cooked it gets cut up very carefully. to a chopping roast meat it's most important to cut it into neat and even cubes. pork is very popular in china and hong kong ten to fourteen pigs are prepared here every day but now in the run up to chinese new year it can be up to one hundred and they're delivered to other restaurants and private customers. but overall meat consumption is on the wane in china too fatty to heavy more and more chinese are adopting healthier diets but the master roaster has other worries that.
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young people think this job is too hard also if we go out of business one day they won't be able to find a job anywhere else so young people are not willing to join us. but for now grill chefs expect people to really dig into pork during the upcoming year of the pig. it's yummy the skin is very crispy delicious. and twenty twenty is the year of the rat but it's unlikely that people here will go hog wild for it. and not service update thank you for watching .
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let's. take a closer look at modern culture from. culture. prison puro. at its most exciting. most creative
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colorful. truly tasty innovative really charming. thank you. to. the. stars february second. once upon a time there was a young girl. with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. ellison very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and. here and for being on stage stations and being part of that magic it was a difficult road it. girl she was told time become conductor but this girl right and obsessive.
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and one day she really did become a world famous conductor brimming over with virtuous city inspection. along the. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . yes it's time for news from the world of culture welcome along and here's what's coming up today. as the home boat forum is completion in the center of the rock a cultural artifact is supposed to. meld c o
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m g w's night grooves the show which brings together pop stars for unusual musical encounters with chance for a second season. when i've missed jewels in november the major museum venue is one of the most hotly debated construction projects here in germany my colleague david leavitt's has been following the story welcome david first of all. about the controversy surrounding the building it's. ok robin brace yourself for a little bit of time travel here because the home board form is partially a reconstruction of this of the baroque city palace of the german emperor is located at the heart of berlin now the allies did bomb it in world war two it could have been saved but no socialist east germany had other plans they tore it down and put up the palace of the republic in its place that's their parliament and cultural center hideous yes but also kind of great in its own way i think. you are
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right with hideous well you know a lot of people were it was still yes it's.


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